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Our Raw Freight department provides Hauling services Direct from Field to Storage and Processing plants.  Our equipment is specialized to haul all forms of Raw Product if you grow it we will haul it.  Potatoes and Onion are our primary commodities but we are not limited to these we have the capacity to haul wheat, beets, carrots, corn or any other commodities that can be loaded into a conventional Trailer.  Our equipment consists of both self-unloading trailers and boarded trailers depending on the commodities that need Hauled.

 Our container hauling Department Provides expert services loading Heavy Export loads to and from the Ports in Seattle and Tacoma Washington. Our Equipment is suited to haul 40’ Reefer/Dry containers legal to haul up to 55k Super Heavy Container Loads. We load From Warehouses and Processing plants all throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

1625 South Broadway Avenue

Othello, WA 99344